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MAPI Round Trip Email

This SAM application monitor template simulates an email round trip to test the ability of your SMTP server to receive and distribute email, and the ability of your users to retrieve messages from MAPI-enabled email clients, such as those used by Microsoft Outlook.

This template includes a single component monitor, the MAPI User Experience Monitor, that sends an email from an SMTP mail server to an Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox and measures the time it takes to complete the trip, which can be useful to track the performance of Outlook. The response time is measured in milliseconds.

To monitor POP3-based Google Gmail accounts, use the POP3 Round Trip Email template instead.


The Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects package is installed on the Orion server.

As of August 2021, this package is no longer available in the Microsoft Download Center.

The Orion server has an Exchange account on the MAPI server that is linked to the mailbox to be monitored.


Use Windows credentials that are valid on both the Orion server and the Microsoft Exchange server.

MAPI profiles are created in the context of the user whose credentials are defined as part of this monitor. For example, if you use credentials for Jane Doe, then Jane Doe's credentials must be able to log in locally to the Orion server so a MAPI profile can be created.