Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Log archiving

Logs sent to SolarWinds Observability can be archived for future retrieval. Enable log archiving to save log messages every hour to a compressed JSON file. These archived logs are stored on an Amazon S3 container managed by SolarWinds for up to a year.

Enable log archiving

  1. Click Settings > Logs > Log Archives.

  2. Click Enable log archives to toggle on the log archiving feature.

The first set of archives may not appear for several hours.

Download log archives

Log archives are accessible in from the Settings page for up to a year. The log messages ingested by SolarWinds Observability from each hour are saved to a JSON-formatted file, which is then compressed to a Gnu zipped archive (.gz) file.

  1. Click Settings > Logs > Log Archives.

  2. Locate the log archive you intend to download. The table lists all archives created during the specified time period.

    Use the Date column to quickly find the archives from the date and time that contains the logs you want to download.

    To change the time period, click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner and choose how much historical data to display. You can choose to view all recent data for standard lengths of time, or to view data between two dates.

    To show data from a custom time period, choose Custom. In the calendar that appears, click the starting date of your time period and click the ending date. The time period's start and end times default to the current time. To change a start or end time, click the clock next to the time you want to change and click the desired time.

  3. Click Download to save a copy of the log archive to your computer.

Disable log archiving

  1. Click Settings > Logs > Log Archives.

  2. Click Enable log archives to toggle off the log archiving feature.

Logs previously archived are retained for up to a year.