Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Migrate the Java Library from AppOptics to SolarWinds Observability

AppOptics users can use the following information to migrate to SolarWinds Observability.

Uninstall the agent for AppOptics

Follow the instructions in the Uninstall the Java Agent topic in AppOptics documentation to disable, remove any SDK that is used, and uninstall the agent.

For migration, it is required to remove references to the AppOptics SDK from your application. The AppOptics configuration file should not be reused for SolarWinds Observability.

Install the library for SolarWinds Observability

Follow the instructions in Add a Java service to set up your Java application as a monitored service in SolarWinds Observability.

The Java Library for SolarWinds Observability is a custom distro based on the OpenTelemetry Java agent. The supported components, configuration, and instrumentation SDK are different from AppOptics.