Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Kubernetes workload version detection

The Version column on the Deployment tab of the Kubernetes Cluster details page displays the tag of the Docker image used by a container that shares the same name as its corresponding Kubernetes Deployment. You can quickly identify the specific version of the deployed application without the need to manually delve into the container or image details.

In the below scenario, the Version column for the Autopilot deployment will display dev-123, indicating that the deployment is currently utilizing the dev-123 tag of the autopilot Docker image.

  • Deployment Name: Autopilot

  • Container Name: Autopilot

  • Docker Image: autopilot:dev-123

The feature streamlines the process of monitoring and managing your deployed applications, by providing a straightforward method to verify the versions of your deployed applications across your environments. This simplifies version tracking, especially in environments where rapid iterations and deployments take place.