Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Known issues

Currently known issues that may impact user experience include the following.

Creating entity groups with searches does not show second page of entities

When searching entities to add to an entity group, clicking next to see the second page does not show additional search results.

Custom time period selection may time out

If there are a large number of entities that are included in the custom period, the Entity Explorer may time out before listing the entities.

Resolution or workaround

Select a predefined length of time from the drop-down that includes the desired time period.

Custom date range is not displayed correctly

Safari does not display the custom date range correctly in call cases.

Resolution or workaround

Use another browser, such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

Health score is outdated for disconnected database instances

When Database instances become disconnected and are no-longer providing metrics to update their status, the Health score value may not reflect the actual state, instead reporting the last known state.

Resolution or workaround

Look at recent data for the database instance. If there's recent data, the health score is accurate. If there is no data for the timeframe, the health score is invalid.

Editing a group does not display correct entities

Edit Group wizard sometimes doesn’t refresh automatically while adding/removing an entity from existing group.

Resolution or workaround

Refresh the page manually.