Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Kubernetes logs and events

By default, some logs and events from the Kubernetes cluster are collected. To change which Kubernetes logs are sent to SolarWinds Observability, see Update Kubernetes cluster logs collection. Events and logs can also be found in the Logs Explorer. To search for your specific event or container log, use the following key:value pairs as search parameters:

Key Valid values

String representing the type of log. Valid values include:

  • event
  • container
  • journal String representing the cluster name. String representing the container name. String representing the node name. String matching the pod name. String matching the namespace name.
k8s.event.count For Kubernetes events, the count of how many of the same event occurred. For Kubernetes events, the name of the event.
k8s.event.reason For Kubernetes events, the reason for the event.

String representing the severity of the event/log. Valid values include: 

  • Error
  • Warning
  • Normal

Example Kubernetes search in the Logs Explorer:

sw.k8s.log.type:container AND AND "some text to search"