Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Troubleshoot network devices

Data not displaying in SolarWinds Observability

If SolarWinds Observability does not display data for monitored devices, make sure the devices have the correct category specified in the Network Collector.

  1. In the Network Collector Web Console, click Settings > Manage Nodes.

  2. Select the device and click Edit Properties.

  3. Scroll down to Node Category, make sure Network is selected, and submit your changes.

Flow data not displaying in SolarWinds Observability

Flow data should appear in the SolarWinds Observability in about 5 minutes after the data are available on the Network Collector.

If you are getting other network device data, check out the following troubleshooting steps.

  • Verify that flow export is set up correctly. See Netflow data coming in to Orion server but not showing up in Orion Web Console.

  • Verify that flows are correctly stored in the database (Flow Storage Database) used by your Network Collector. See NTA shows Data Not Available.

  • Check how many flows are coming to the Network Collector:

    1. On the server hosting the Network Collector, open the Windows Performance Monitor.

    2. Click the plus button to add performance counters, search for SolarWinds NetFlow and add Rows Inserted Per Second.

    3. If the number of Rows Inserted Per Second is constantly over 500, the SolarWinds Observability Agent (Agent) service might be overloaded.

  • Verify that the SolarWinds Observability Agent service sending the data to SolarWinds Observability is not overloaded.

    • On the server hosting Network Collector, open Services and check the CPU and memory usage for SolarWinds.SOC.Service.exe.

      If CPU or memory usage is high, the service might be overloaded.

To address the overloaded Agent issue, stop sending flow data for non-critical nodes to SolarWinds Observability.

  1. Log in to the Network Collector Web Console and click My Dashboards > Flow Sources.

  2. Switch Flow sources management to Nodes. To do so, select Nodes in the drop-down box next to the Flow sources management.

  3. Select all nodes and click Drop traffic. The Network Collector will stop processing flow data and no flow data will be sent to SolarWinds Observability.

  4. Restart the SolarWinds.SOC.Service.exe service. This will mean that there will be a gap in data sent from the Network Collector.

  5. On the Flow sources management view, select a few critical nodes and click Store traffic. After a few minutes, the data should start appearing in the SolarWinds Observability.

No flow data is displayed from a domain

If no data is displayed for domains on Flows tabs, check the Filters tab. The data might be filtered out.

If the data is not being filtered out, check that resolving and storing IPv4 hostnames is enabled on the Network Collector.

  1. Log in to the Network Collector Web Console, click Settings > All Settings, and click NTA Settings in the Product specific settings grouping.

  2. Scroll down to DNS and NetBIOS Resolution settings and ensure that the Resolve and store IPv4 host names immediately when a flow record is received option is selected.

Troubleshoot Network Collector installation issues

The Network Collector includes the SolarWinds Observability Agent and the Agent uses the network-collector plugin to send data to SolarWinds Observability. During the installation, both the Agent and the plugin are configured automatically. See Agents and Troubleshoot SolarWinds Observability Agent installation issues for details on configuring and installing SolarWinds Observability Agents.

Upgrading SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability on a server with Network Collector is not supported

You are running an incorrect installer. Instead of using the installer for Network Collector, you launched the installer for a different SolarWinds Observability product.

To resolve the issue, download the correct installation file.

  1. In SolarWinds Observability, click Add Data at the top.

  2. Click Network Device and click the link to download the ISO file.