Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Add logs from services

Application logs can be sent to SolarWinds Observability using HTTPS or syslog for review and analysis. If the application's services are already being monitored through the use of an APM library, additional trace context can be added to logs to associate a service entity's traces to log messages. See Trace context in logs.

To send a monitored service's logs to SolarWinds Observability, the service must already be configured to use a logging framework capable of posting logs over HTTPS or sending logs using syslog.

Set up trace context

See the following topics for how to enable trace context in logs for each library, as well as the supported logging libraries and SDK examples:

Forward application logs

Application logs need to be forwarded to SolarWinds Observability using syslog or HTTPS, whichever method is compatible with your logging framework. See Send logs using syslog and Send logs over HTTPS.

View service entity's logs

Once the logging framework is set up, trace context is enabled, and the application logs are forwarded, the service entity's logs will be available in SolarWinds Observability. Additional logs will be available to you as you follow a trace in the Traces Explorer, search for the service entity in the Logs Explorer, or view the entity in the Entity Explorer.