Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Add a Synthetic transaction

  1. In SolarWinds Observability, click Add Data at the top.
  2. In the Add Data dialog, click Synthetic transaction.

  3. Enter a name to identify your Synthetic transaction.

  4. Select a location category to test from: Regions, Countries, or Cities.

  5. Select the Synthetic transaction location(s).

    If applicable, you can select more than one location. For example, if you selected to test from Cities, you can select both Boston and Los Angeles locations.
  6. Select the Synthetic transaction test interval: 5 minutes — 4 hours.

  7. Select the website connection. Click Next.

    The Connect to Website field is optional.
  8. Select the screen resolution: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, or Custom. If you select custom, adjust the Width and Height.

    Tablet and Mobile screen resolution modes are for resolution only and do not simulate tablet or mobile behaviors.
  9. Define the steps you want your Synthetic transaction to take. You can enter between 1 to 30 steps for your Synthetic transaction. Click Next.

    As you start entering steps, DEM will make command and element suggestions based on your website selection. Each Synthetic transaction has a default timeout of 60 seconds, meaning that DEM will try to execute the Synthetic transaction for 60 seconds before resulting in an error or failure.
  10. Review all of the Synthetic transaction settings. Click Add Synthetic transaction.