Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

View historical alert information

The Historical Alerts page provides information about all alerts that were triggered during the selected time period. Information at the top of the page includes how many of these alerts have been triggered over time, the number of alerts with each status, and the entities that most frequently trigger the alerts. Below those widgets, a table lists all alerts triggered during the time period.

Open the Historical Alerts page

In the left pane, click Alerts > Historical Alerts.

Specify what information you want to include

To change the information shown, you can change the time period, apply filters, sort the table, or search:

  • To change the time period, click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner and choose how much historical information to display.

  • Apply filters to display information about only certain types of alerts, such as critical alerts or alerts on a certain entity type.

    1. If the Filters pane is closed, click the filter icon to open it.

    2. Select one or more filters to apply them.

      The widgets and table include only alerts that meet all filter criteria.

  • Click a column heading in the table to sort the list.

  • To search for an alert, enter part of the alert definition name in the search box. The table lists only the alert definitions that include the string you entered, and the widgets at the top include information about only those alerts.