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Configure other integrations

SolarWinds Observability supports many open-source frameworks. Even if there is not a native integration available for your framework, you can send data directly to SolarWinds Observability. Entities are not created for data ingested directly from these frameworks or tools. The ingested data is available in many explorers and viewers, such as the Metrics Explorer or Logs Explorer, and may be able to be added to custom dashboards. Some integrations with third-party tools and services may also supplement an entity's observability with more data points.

For a full list of available databases, applications, services, frameworks, and other integrations supported by SolarWinds Observability, see SolarWinds Observability Integrations.

OTel integrations

AWS integrations

  • AWS CodeStar Integration — Integrate CodeStar with SolarWinds Observability to correlate deployment events with the health status of an entity.

Web server integrations