Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Upgrade the Node.js Library

From AppOptics or solarwinds-apm 13

All appoptics-apm versions and solarwinds-apm versions earlier than 14 are based on proprietary code. Starting with solarwinds-apm version 14, the library is built on top of OTel.

When you migrate from earlier versions not built on top of OTel, @opentelemetry/api@^1.3.0 must be added as an extra dependency.

From AppOptics to solarwinds-apm version 14

Uninstall appoptics-apm and run the install command from the installation steps.

From solarwinds-apm version 13 to version 14

Run the install command from the installation steps.

Other differences

Even though the -r/--require flag is still supported, we encourage migrating to the new flags described in Load the library.

The config file will also need to be renamed and updated because some of the fields have changed. See the configuration guide for details. Note that Agent log level and Addon log level are replaced by Logging level, and Hostname alias is no longer supported.

Manual instrumentation and metrics must be migrated to use the OpenTelemetry API, except for the instrument and pInstrument methods which are provided by the @solarwinds-apm/compat package to facilitate migrating.

- const { instrument, pInstrument } = require("solarwinds-apm")
+ const { instrument, pInstrument } = require("@solarwinds-apm/compat")

You can find documentation on the OpenTelemetry API on their website and generated documentation. We also provide an example showing basic usage.

From solarwinds-apm version 14 and above

Run the install command from the installation steps, replacing the version specifier for solarwinds-apm as needed.

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