Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Kafka metrics

Many of the collected metrics from the Kafka integration are displayed as widgets in SolarWinds Observability custom and pre-built dashboards; additional metrics may be collected and available in the Metrics Explorer.

This topic lists some of the critical metrics collected for the integration. To see the Kafka metrics in the Metrics Explorer, type Kafka in the search box.

Metric Units Description
kafka_controller_kafkacontroller_activecontrollercount {active controllers in cluster} Active Cluster Controllers. The average number of active controllers in the cluster.


  Log Flush Rate and Time. The maximum values of log flush rate and time.


ms (millisecond) Leader Request Time. The average time taken to process a request at the leader.


ms (millisecond) Producer Request Time. The average total time to serve a single 'Produce' request.
kafka_network_socketserver_networkprocessoravgidlepercent % (percentage) Broker Process Idle Time. The average fraction of time the network processors are idle.
kafka_server_brokertopicmetrics_bytesin_1minuterate Bytes/second Broker Incoming Bytes. The one-minute sum of incoming bytes per second.
kafka_server_brokertopicmetrics_bytesin_1minuterate Bytes/second/{topic} Broker Incoming Bytes per Topic. The one-minute average rate of incoming bytes per second distributed by Topic.
kafka_server_brokertopicmetrics_messagesin_1minuterate {messages}/second Broker Incoming Messages. The one-minute sum of incoming messages per second.
kafka_server_brokertopicmetrics_messagesin_1minuterate {messages}/second/{topic} Broker Incoming Messages per Topic. The one-minute average rate of incoming messages per second distributed per topic.
kafka_server_replicafetchermanager_maxlag {messages} Max Replica Lag. The average of maximum number of messages by which the consumer lags behind the producer.
kafka_server_replicamanager_isrshrinks_1minuterate {shrink events}/minute ISR Shrink Rate. The one-minute rate of ISR shrink events. If a broker goes down, ISR for some of the partitions will shrink. When that broker is up again and the replicas are fully caught up, ISR will expand.
kafka_server_replicamanager_leadercount {replica leaders} Leader Replicas. The average number of replica leaders.
kafka_server_replicamanager_partitioncount {partitions} Partitions. The average number of partitions on all brokers.
kafka_server_replicamanager_underreplicatedpartitions {under-replicated partitions} Under-Replicated Partitions. The average number of under-replicated partitions.