Documentation forSolarWinds Observability


The user Profile page provides a basic overview of your account details, users preferences, the organizations your are a part of, your security settings, and your activity log.

My Details

Displays your account information - first and last name and email address associated with the account. You can also edit your email address and password.

My Preferences

Provides the option to set up the preferred timezone, time format, and theme (dark or light).

  1. Click Edit preferences.

  2. In the Timezone drop-down, select the preferred timezone.

    By default, the timezone matches your browser timezone.

  3. In the Time format drop-down, select the preferred time format:

    • System (default)

    • 12h

    • 24h

  4. Under Theme, select your preferred theme:

    • System (default)

    • Dark theme

    • Light theme

  5. Click Save.

My Organizations

Provides a list of organizations your are a member of. You can sort the list alphabetically in ascending or descending order. For more information on organizations and users, see User and Organization Management.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

If you have MFA set up, this section provides an overview of your MFA-trusted devices. You can also view your MFA recovery codes clicking Show, or reset your MFA setup. For more information about setting up and managing Multi-Factor Authentication, see Set up MFA for a user account.

My Activity

An audit log that records all your activity within the organization. You can use this log to ensure that your user account is not breached or misused.

The activity log records the following information:

  • User name and email address

  • Date and time when the activity occurred in the organization

  • Specific activity (such as accepting an invitation or disabling a trusted device)

Administrators can view, search for, filter, and sort all activity that occurred within the organization on the Activity Log page. Users can only view their activity on the Profile page.