Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Introduction to network devices

Network device monitoring observes the performance and availability of the network devices that are crucial for your network. Performance metrics are gathered from the different network devices in your environment. You can pivot easily between metrics, traces, and custom data to quickly solve performance problems.

Network devices are network nodes. For network devices, SolarWinds Observability collects metrics, such as CPU or memory usage, and additional data, such as interface details. If you collect NetFlow on your devices, the data can also be displayed in SolarWinds Observability.

The Network Collector gathers and sends the data to SolarWinds Observability.

Monitoring a network device in SolarWinds Observability

To install and configure a Network Collector, see Add a network device.

Use the Entity Explorer to view the configured network device details, such as device health and monitored metrics. If there are other entities related to this Network device entity, the details of those entities are also available in the current Network device entity's other Entity Details tabs. See Entity Explorer.

The results of the traces and monitoring are also available for analysis in the Metrics Explorer. See Analyze data.

If a dashboard is set up to include the configured entity, its data will populate the relevant widgets in the dashboard. See Network widgets. The Network device entity's data may also show in the Entity Details of its related entities. See Entity Explorer.