Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Introduction to websites

Website monitoring tracks the performance and availability of external websites. To monitor a website, SolarWinds Observability uses probes to periodically connect to the website and perform tests. The tests report each website's uptime. (They are sometimes called uptime checks .)

The probes that test the websites are located on servers in various places around the world. See Synthetic Probes Settings.

When you configure SolarWinds Observability to monitor a website, you specify:

  • Which locations you want the tests to run from
  • How often the tests should run

Probes from the selected locations connect to your website at the specified interval and test the performance and availability of the website. Based on the test results, SolarWinds Observability displays the following information about each website:

  • A health score, which indicates the overall health and performance of the website
  • The average response time for a web browser to receive a response from the targeted website
  • Errors encountered while testing the website

Use this data to observe variations in the availability of your website at different locations over time. You can configure alerts to notify you of problems with a website's availability.

Monitor an external website in SolarWinds Observability

To monitor an external website, see Configure a website.

Use the Entity Explorer to view a list of your observed websites. The website availability results are shown in the Availability widgets in the entity details tabs. These results include the percentage of tests that succeed, the average response time, response time history, and test results.

The probe servers for SolarWinds Observability need to be able to access your configured websites. If the targeted website blocks the probe's access with a firewall or an access control list, the test result might incorrectly indicate a failure. To observe websites hosted on a local network, your server or site must allow access to SolarWinds Observability probe server IP addresses. See Synthetic Probes Settings.