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APM services' system requirements

Requirements to use an APM library to instrument the services powering your application depend on several variables, such as:

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SolarWinds Observability general requirements

The following table lists browser requirements and recommendations for using the SolarWinds Observability web application.

Performance of the computer and internet speed where you open the browser significantly influences the speed of SolarWinds Observability.

Software Requirements
Web browsers

SolarWinds Observability supports the two most recent versions of the following web browsers:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge (new Edge versions based on Chromium)
  • Mozilla Firefox
Browser requirements

The following must be enabled in your browser:

  • JavaScript
  • Cookies

Firewall or access control requirements

The browser you are using to access SolarWinds Observability's basic features must have unrestricted access to the following locations:

The SolarWinds Observability APM libraries that monitor your applications must be able to communicate with the SolarWinds APM collector to report collected data. The SolarWinds APM collector endpoint URI is, where xx-yy is determined by the URL you use to access SolarWinds Observability. See Data centers and endpoint URIs.

  • Open your firewall or access control configuration to permit TCP/HTTPS/TLS outbound connections to your SolarWinds APM collector using port 443.

    The issuer Certificate Authority (CA) for the SolarWinds APM collector's certificate must be considered trusted by the SSL/TLS configuration on the service's system. To view the certificate for the SolarWinds APM collector, go to the URL for the SolarWinds APM collector in a browser and select the padlock in the address bar. In the details about the site's secure connection, select to view the certificate(s) information.

  • Alternatively, use a proxy to forward connections to the SolarWinds APM collector. See Proxy configuration.

Supported platforms

This page includes a summary of all currently supported platforms for the APM libraries.

Operating Systems

64-bit only

Currently only the Java and .NET libraries support Windows.


SolarWinds Observability APM libraries work on most Linux systems.

glibc version 2.26 or higher is required on GNU C Library-based systems such as Amazon Linux 2, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

The following Linux platforms have been tested and verified to work with the APM libraries for both x86_64 and aarch64 architectures:

  • Debian 10
  • Debian 11
  • Debian 12
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • CentOS 8
  • Alpine Linux 3.13
  • Alpine Linux 3.14
  • Alpine Linux 3.15
  • Alpine Linux 3.16
  • Alpine Linux 3.17
  • Alpine Linux 3.18
  • Alpine Linux 3.19


  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Container Systems

The APM libraries can be used in a variety of containerized environments, including Docker and Kubernetes.

For full integration with the telemetry gathered by Kubernetes monitoring, ensure the following minimum APM library version is used:

See library-specific notes below.

Platform as a Service

Supported components

See each language's list of supported components, frameworks, and libraries: