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View entity metric data

All of your entity's raw metric data is available in the Metrics Explorer, and the entity's health score, health history, and other key performance indicators are available as widgets in the Entity Explorer, area overviews, and dashboards throughout SolarWinds Observability.

Common widgets

The following data and data visualizations are common to all entities:

Active Alerts

An overview of the active alerts triggered by the selected entity, categorized by severity. Active alerts are alerts that have been triggered but not cleared. This includes acknowledged alerts.

For more information about the entity's active alerts, click the widget title or click the vertical ellipsis () in the upper-right corner of the widget and click View All Active Alerts.

Entity health scores

A health score provides real-time insight into the overall health and performance of your monitored entities. The health score is calculated based on anomalies detected for the entity, alerts triggered for the entity's metrics, and the status of the entity. The health score is displayed as a single numerical value that ranges from a Good (70-100) to Moderate (40-69) to Bad (0-39) distinction.

Health score widget for an individual entity

An individual entity's health score widget includes two components: the entity's current health score and a timeline of the health history over the selected time period. The current health is displayed as a single number out of 100, with the background of the current health colored based on whether the health is Good, Moderate, Bad, or NULL. Next to the current health score is a timeline charting the health scores of the entity over the selected time period. The health scores plotted on the timeline represent the minimum health scores calculated during a single slice of time. They do not represent the exact health score at a specific moment in time. If telemetry data was not received for the entity at any point in time, causing the health score to be unavailable, there will be a gap in the timeline.

Health score widget for a group of entities

Health Score widgets for a group of entities (such as the Health Score widget in area overviews, Health Score for related entities, or Health Score for an entity group) summarize the entities' health scores using a donut chart, grouping the entities based on Good, Moderate, and Bad health scores.


A topology map shows relationships between the entity and other entities that communicate with it. Borders are color-coded by health status.

You can filter the widget to display L2, L3, or all connections.

  • Monitored entities: The map shows the icon, name, and health score. Click an item to display the details in the Inspector Panel.

  • Discovered entities: The map only shows the IP address and a question mark icon; the border is a gray dotted line. No additional details are available, therefore the Inspector Panel is disabled.

Widgets and metrics by entity type

For more information the data shown in the widgets in the Entity Explorer and other explorers in SolarWinds Observability, see the following topics: