Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Synthetic transaction test results

Open any of your Synthetic transactions in the Entity Explorer to view detailed test results for that Synthetic transaction. You can also click DEM > Synthetic transactions and click any transaction name to open Entity Explorer for that Synthetic transaction.

On the Entity Explorer overview for your Synthetic transaction, there are several widgets that display the transaction outcome, as well as details regarding your transaction. The following widgets are visible.

Test Success Rate

The number of test successes and test errors across the selected time period. A Synthetic transaction test is only considered a success if all steps are successful.

Average Test Duration

The average amount of time in seconds that it took for your Synthetic transaction to complete its execution.

Historical Overview

The total duration or success rate of your Synthetic transaction test runs in seconds overall, by location, or for each individual step.

Test Results

The Test Results widget displays the details of your Synthetic transaction test performed by SolarWinds Observability for the specified time period.

The Test Results widget displays the following information about your Synthetic transaction.

Item Description

The number of steps within your transaction, including the number that successfully completed execution. For example, if you had 7 steps in your transaction, a 7/7 would mean that all steps completed successfully while a 3/7 would mean that only 3 steps were executed.

Transactions that completed all steps and were thus successful are identified by a green checkmark. Transactions that had an error during a step's execution are identified by a red X.

Date & Time The date and time when the transaction completed its execution successfully, or when it encountered an error.
Location The probe location where your transaction was executed.
Duration The amount of time in milliseconds, or seconds, that it took for your Synthetic transaction to complete its execution successfully, or encounter an error.

Click an individual test chevron to expand the selected Synthetic transaction execution and display details about the transaction's steps. Click a step within the selected transaction to view the screenshot taken for that step.

Quickly review screenshots for your transaction by clicking the steps arrows above the screenshot. Click the screenshot to enlarge it on your screen.

Edit a Synthetic transaction

You can edit any of your Synthetic transactions from the Synthetic transactions and modify your test commands.

  1. Click the vertical ellipsis () for the desired Synthetic transaction, and then click Edit.

  2. Modify the name, description, testing location, test interval, and website information. Click Next.

  3. Modify the screen resolution, and configure new or edit existing Synthetic transaction commands. Click Next.

    You can click Run Test to test your Synthetic transaction commands in the Edit Synthetic transaction prompt.
  4. Review your Synthetic transaction summary and steps overview. Click Save to save your changes.