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Kubernetes system requirements

Requirements depend on several variables, such as:

  • The volume of data to display in the browser.

This topic contains:

SolarWinds Observability general requirements

The following table lists browser requirements and recommendations for using the SolarWinds Observability web application.

Performance of the computer and internet speed where you open the browser significantly influences the speed of SolarWinds Observability.

Software Requirements
Web browsers

SolarWinds Observability supports the two most recent versions of the following web browsers:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge (new Edge versions based on Chromium)
  • Mozilla Firefox
Browser requirements

The following must be enabled in your browser:

  • JavaScript
  • Cookies

Firewall or access control requirements

The browser you are using to access SolarWinds Observability's basic features must have unrestricted access to the following locations:

If monitoring Kubernetes entities, the SWO K8s Collector must be able to communicate with SolarWinds Observability to report collected data. Open your firewall or access control configuration to permit TCP/HTTPS/TLS outbound connections to the following endpoints, where xx-yy is determined by the URL you use to access SolarWinds Observability, see Data centers and endpoint URIs.


Supported Kubernetes containers

Supported K8s versions

Kubernetes versions 1.18 and higher are supported, and kube-state-metrics 1.5.0 and higher is supported.

While local deployments, such as Minikube, are not supported, most of the functionality may work.

The Kubernetes v1.24 Docker container runtime does not report pod-level network metrics. kubenet and other network plumbing was removed from upstream as part of the dockershim deprecation.

Supported architecture

The SWO K8s Collector supports Linux x86_64 platforms (AMD 64).