Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

VPN Service metrics

AWS managed VPN Service allows you to create an IPsec VPN connection between your VPC and your remote network. Ensure your cloud platform is configured in SolarWinds Observability to collect this service's data. See Add an AWS cloud account. CloudWatch metrics must also be enabled for this service in the AWS Console for the metric data to be available.

Many of the collected metrics from AWS VPN entities are displayed as widgets in SolarWinds Observability explorers; additional metrics may be collected and available in the Metrics Explorer. You can also create an alert for when an entity's metric value moves out of a specific range. See Entities in SolarWinds Observability for information about entity types in SolarWinds Observability.

The following table lists some of the metrics collected for these entities. To see the AWS VPN metrics in the Metrics Explorer, type AWS.VPN in the search box.

Metric Units Description
sw.metrics.healthscore Percent (%)

Health score. A health score provides real-time insight into the overall health and performance of your monitored entities. The health score is calculated based on anomalies detected for the entity, alerts triggered for the entity's metrics, and the status of the entity. The health score is displayed as a single numerical value that ranges from a Good (70-100) to Moderate (40-69) to Bad (0-39) distinction.

To view the health score for AWS VPN entities in the Metrics Explorer, filter the sw.metrics.healthscore metric by entity_types and select awsvpn.

AWS.VPN.TunnelDataIn Binary Bytes

TunnelDataIn. The total bytes received on the AWS side of the connection through the VPN tunnel from a customer gateway.

AWS.VPN.TunnelDataOut Binary Bytes

TunnelDataOut. The total bytes sent from the AWS side of the connection through the VPN tunnel to the customer gateway. Each metric data point represents the number of bytes sent after the previous data point.

AWS.VPN.TunnelState Count

TunnelState. The average state of the tunnels. For static VPNs, 0 indicates DOWN and 1 indicates UP.