Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Docker metrics

Many of the collected metrics from Docker entities are displayed as widgets in SolarWinds Observability explorers; additional metrics may be collected and available in the Metrics Explorer. You can also create an alert for when an entity's metric value moves out of a specific range. See Entities in SolarWinds Observability for information about entity types in SolarWinds Observability.

The following table lists some of the metrics collected for these entities. To see the Docker metrics in the Metrics Explorer, type container. in the search box.

Metric Units Description
container.blockio.io_service_bytes_recursive bytes (By) The nof bytes transferred to/from the disk by the group and descendant groups.
container.cpu.throttling_data.periods {periods} The number of periods with throttling active.
container.cpu.usage.kernelmode nanosecond (ns) Time spent by tasks of the cgroup in kernel mode (Linux). Time spent by all container processes in kernel mode (Windows). nanosecond (ns) Total CPU time consumed.
container.cpu.usage.usermode nanosecond (ns) Time spent by tasks of the cgroup in user mode (Linux). Time spent by all container processes in user mode (Windows).
container.cpu.utilization percentage (%)

Container CPU Utilization. Percentage of CPU used per container.

container.memory.file bytes (By) Amount of memory used to cache filesystem data, including tmpfs and shared memory (Only available with cgroups v2).
container.memory.percent percentage (%)

Container Memory Utilization. Percentage of memory used per container

container.memory.total_cache bytes (By) Total amount of memory used by the processes of this cgroup (and descendants) that can be associated with a block on a block device. Also accounts for memory used by tmpfs (Only available with cgroups v1).
container.memory.usage.limit bytes (By) Memory limit of the container. bytes (By) Memory usage of the container. This excludes the cache. bytes (By)

Total Received Bytes per Container. Total bytes received by the container. {packets}

Total Incoming Dropped Packets by Container . Total incoming packets dropped by the container. bytes (By)

Total Sent Bytes per Container. Total bytes sent by the container. {packets}

Total Outgoing Dropped Packets by Container. Total outgoing packets dropped by the container.

container.uptime seconds (s)

Total Container Uptime. The time elapsed since the start time of the container.