Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Getting started with network

The guide for getting started with network devices picks up right after you have accepted an invitation to join your organization in SolarWinds Observability and created your user account. See SolarWinds Observability Getting Started Guide.

Verify system compatibility and open access to endpoints.

Review the SolarWinds Observability System Requirements to ensure your environment is compatible with SolarWinds Observability.

Review the Network Collector requirements.

Install a Network Collector.

See Add a network device.

  1. In SolarWinds Observability, copy an API token to identify the Network Collector.

  2. Log in to the server that will host your Network Collector and transfer the ISO file there.

  3. Mount the ISO file and launch the EXE file to start the installation wizard.

  4. In the wizard, paste the API token into the text box and complete the installation.

  5. When the installation wizard finishes, configure the Network Collector. You can use default options.

Discover network devices to observe with SolarWinds Observability.

  1. Log in to the Network Collector Web Console.
    1. In a browser, enter the IP address or hostname of the server hosting the Network Collector.
    2. When logging in for the first time, specify the password for the Admin account, and log in.
  2. If the Discovery wizard does not start automatically, launch it from Settings > Discover Network.
  3. Specify the network to run the discovery on, provide necessary credentials, and complete the wizard.
  4. Review discovered nodes and import nodes to be observed.

Data for selected nodes will be sent to SolarWinds Observability.

Set up flow monitoring (optional).

To monitor flow data with SolarWinds Observability, set up flow export on the devices and add the devices for monitoring. See Monitor flow data.

Observe monitored network device entity.

Information collected for your network device entity is available in tiles in the Entity Explorer, area overviews, and custom dashboards.

  • Click Network in the side navigation to see an overview of all your monitored services entities.

  • Review an individual entity's details in the Entity Explorer.

  • Review the topology map for a monitored network device.

See Observe entities.

Observe monitored elements.

Review interfaces, volumes, sensors on monitored devices.

In the Entity Explorer, find a network device and go to the device details view.

  • To see monitored interfaces, click the Interfaces tab.

  • To see monitored volumes, click the Volumes tab.

  • To see monitored sensors, click the Sensors tab.

Observe flow data.

Expand the Network area overview on the left and click Flows to see flow data for top endpoints.

Analyze individual metrics.

Click Analyze in the left-hand navigation and click Metrics to see a list of metrics for all entities in the Metrics Explorer. Use the search field to find metrics for your services entities. Click a metric to see a history of measurements collected for your services entities.

Check out triggered alerts.

  1. On the Home page, click View All Alerts in the Active Alerts widget. This opens the Active Alerts view.

  2. Click an entity with issues to go to the entity details page for more information.

See Alerts.

Troubleshooting SolarWinds Observability

Review the SolarWinds Observability System Requirements to ensure your environment is compatible.

If you still run into problems installing one of our agents or if SolarWinds Observability is not receiving data from an agent, see the following topics: