Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Components supported by the Ruby Library (legacy)

This topic applies to versions earlier than version 6 of the Ruby Library. If you are using version 6, see Components supported by the Ruby Library.

Verify the following to ensure the library can collect and transmit data:

  • The platform where your APM library will be installed is supported.

  • Your firewall configuration permits TCP/HTTPS/TLS outbound connections to (where xx-yy is determined by the URL you use to access SolarWinds Observability, described in Data centers and endpoint URIs) using port 443. See Firewall or access control requirements.

    If your firewall or access control requirements do not allow such connections, configure the library to send data through a proxy.

Ruby versions
Ruby 22.5.x-2.7.x
Ruby 33.0.x, 3.1.x
Ruby frameworks
Grape Rails5.0 - 6.1
Padrino Sinatra 
Ruby background jobs
DelayedJob 3.0.5+ Sidekiq 2.11.2+
Ruby http clients
curb 0.8.6+ HTTPClient 2.3.0+
gRPC Ruby1.6.0+Net::HTTP 
HTTPartyvia Net::HTTP  
Ruby RabbitMQ clients
Bunny 0.9.0+
Ruby web/http servers
gRPC Ruby 1.6.0+ Thin
Passenger   Unicorn  
Other Ruby components
Dalli memcached
Ruby databases - ActiveRecord
Mysql Ruby < 2.4.0 Mysql2
Ruby databases - MongoDB Drivers
Mongo 2+ Moped 2.0.7+
Ruby databases - Mongo Wrappers
MongoMapper Mongo Model
Mongoid Mongo ODM
Ruby databases - Sequel 3.27.0+
ADO   MySQL Ruby < 2.4.0
Amalgalite   Mysql2  
CUBRID Sequel < 5.0 ODBC  
DataObjects Sequel < 5.0 OpenBase  
DB2 Sequel < 4.24.0 Oracle  
DBI Sequel < 4.24.0 PostgreSQL  
Firebird Sequel < 4.25.0 SQLAnywhere  
FoundationDB SQL Layer Sequel < 4.25.0 SQLite3  
IBM_DB   Swift Sequel < 5.0
Informix Sequel < 4.25.0 TinyTDS