Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Delete entities

To stop monitoring an entity, ensure that data about the entity is no longer sent to SolarWinds Observability, and then remove the entity.

If you only delete the entity in SolarWinds Observability, the data will continue flowing to SolarWinds Observability, and the entity will be recreated.

Task 1: Ensure data is no longer sent to SolarWinds Observability

If data about the entity is ingested using an agent or library, such as SolarWinds Observability Agent or Network Collector, ensure the data is no longer sent. The procedure depends on the entity type.

Task 2: Remove the entity from SolarWinds Observability

  1. In Entity Explorer, find the entity.

  2. Click the vertical ellipsis at the end of the row, click Delete, and confirm the dialog.

    The entity is removed from SolarWinds Observability.

    If the entity re-appears in the Entity Explorer, delete it again. This might be caused by latency, long message queues, or other connection issues.