Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring collects data about the self-managed hosts, cloud-based services and resources, Kubernetes containers, and virtual machines that make up your technology infrastructure. Use this data to plan out services and quickly identify issues before they have time to grow. You can configure alerts to be notified of problems with your infrastructure.

A Network and Infrastructure Observability subscription is required for infrastructure monitoring. See Network and Infrastructure Observability.

For more information about the parts of your technology infrastructure that can be monitored, see: 

Monitor your infrastructure in SolarWinds Observability

To monitor your infrastructure:

Use the Infrastructure area overview to view metric data gathered from all your self-managed hosts and cloud platforms (AWS or Azure). Use the Entity Explorer to view a list of your observed infrastructure entities. The collected health and performance metric data for your self-managed host, Hybrid Cloud Observability server, Kubernetes cluster, AWS service, or Azure resource are available for analysis as widgets in the infrastructure entity's Overview tab. Metrics of non-entity AWS services and Azure resources on your integrated cloud accounts can be reviewed in the infrastructure dashboards. See Dashboards.

Each measurement gathered can also be reviewed for further analysis in the Metrics Explorer.

Depending on the way your cloud platform or its services and resources were configured, some metrics may not be available. Use the Azure Resource Manager to gather metrics for an Azure resource. Metrics for an AWS service are only available if CloudWatch metrics have been enabled in the AWS Console.

The metrics available may also depend on the subscription pricing tier of your cloud platform or its services and resources. For some Azure metrics, the premium pricing tier would need to be selected when configuring your Azure namespaces. To gather additional AWS metrics, enable detailed CloudWatch metrics for your AWS services.

See Overview of Event Hubs Premium for details about the Premium pricing tier for the Event Hub resources, and Configure processing units for a premium tier Azure Event Hubs namespace for how to set up your Event Hub namespace with the premium tier.

The exact pricing tier requirements and instructions may vary by Azure resource.