Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Front Door metrics

Azure Front Door is a scalable and secure entry point for fast delivery of your global web applications. Use the Azure Resource Manager to gather metrics for this resource, then ensure your cloud platform is configured in SolarWinds Observability to collect this resource type's data. See Add an Azure cloud account.

Depending on the subscription pricing tier of your Azure account or its resources, additional metrics may be available for this entity. To collect additional Azure metrics, select the premium pricing tier when configuring your Azure namespaces.

Many of the collected metrics from Azure Front Door entities are displayed as widgets in SolarWinds Observability explorers; additional metrics may be collected and available in the Metrics Explorer. You can also create an alert for when an entity's metric value moves out of a specific range. See Entities in SolarWinds Observability for information about entity types in SolarWinds Observability.

The following table lists some of the metrics collected for these entities. To see the Azure Front Door metrics in the Metrics Explorer, type in the search box.


BackendHealthPercentage. The average percentage of successful health probes from AFD to origin.

BackendRequestCount. The total number of requests sent from AFD to origin.

BackendRequestLatency. The average time calculated from when the request was sent by AFD edge to the backend until AFD received the last response byte from the backend.

BillableResponseSize. The total number of billable bytes (minimum 2KB per request) sent as responses from HTTP/S proxy to clients.

RequestCount. The total number of client requests served by CDN.

RequestSize. The total number of bytes sent as requests from clients to AFD.

ResponseSize. The total number of bytes sent as responses from Front Door to clients.

TotalLatency. The average time from the client request being received by CDN until the last response byte is sent from CDN to the client.

WebApplicationFirewallRequestCount. The total number of matched WAF requests.