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SolarWinds Observability REST API

The SolarWinds Observability public REST API is designed to give create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) access to SolarWinds Observability resources in a more generally accepted format. Every request must include an Authorization header with a Bearer SolarWinds Observability API full- access token. See the SolarWinds Observability REST documentation in Swagger for details on how to call the API endpoints.


The API can be accessed at the URL, where xx-yy matches your organization's data center, see Data centers and endpoint URIs.

Example requests

To retrieve all available metrics use the following request, replacing xx-yy with your organization's data center, see Data centers and endpoint URIs.

curl -X GET --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {SWOKEN}'

How to access the API

Create an API Token

A full access API token is required to access the API. You will not be able to copy your full access token later, so consider saving the copied token to a safe place. See API Tokens.

Call the API

With the API token you can call the API by making POST requests to the API URL. Pass the token in the Authorization header using the Bearer scheme.

The following example passes the sample API token ABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123ab to an organization on the na-01 data center.

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer ABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123ab

View the documentation

Documentation for the API can be found by opening the API URL, followed by {API version}/# in your browser. For example, the documentation for an organization on the na-01 data center can be found at

The SolarWinds Observability public REST API Swagger page includes:

  • a list of endpoints that exist for that {API version}.

  • example query parameters and JSON body data that can be used for making requests

  • template responses to each endpoint's request.

  • a playground where you can test the endpoints and make sample requests.

Issue sample requests

To issue sample requests, authorize the Swagger UI with a full access API token, locate the endpoint for the data you want to access, and click Try it out.

Authorize the API token

To issue sample requests through the Swagger UI, the full access API token created earlier must be Authorized through the Swagger UI.

  1. Click Authorize in the top-right corner of the page.

  2. Enter the API token created earlier in the Full Access API Token Value field of the Available authorizations dialog.

  3. Click Authorize. Once the token is authorized, click Close.

Once a valid token is authorized, sample requests can be made.

Try out sample requests

  1. Click the drop-down for the type of data you are requesting. The endpoints and actions available for the selected data type are listed.

  2. Click an endpoint and action (GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE) to view the parameters and other options available.

  3. Click Try it now. The fields for parameters, request body, and other options become editable.

  4. Enter sample values in the parameter fields and click Execute.

Successfully executed response headers and bodies are displayed between the entered parameters and the example response for the request.