Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Events Explorer

An event is any incident or occurrence that can be tracked and that affects an entity in an observable way. In SolarWinds Observability an event can be:

  • an anomaly

  • an alert

  • a change event

  • a health score change

  • database events

  • Kubernetes events

All events are shown in the Events Explorer.

Open the Events Explorer

In the left pane, click Analyze > Events. The Events Explorer lists events affecting all of your observed entities.

Events Explorer consists of the search bar, a chart displaying events occurring on a time axis, as well as the list of events.

In the search bar, you can filter events based on their type, time period, or any detailed event field. You can also enable comparison mode, which shows the difference between two points in time on the chart.

Position your mouse pointer over the chart to see how many events occurred at a specific point in time.

Locate an event

Use the Search box to search for a specific event or to filter the list of events. When you enter a string in the Search box, the Events Explorer displays only the events that contain the selected field or value.

The search is not case sensitive.

Change the time period

To change the time period, click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner and choose how much historical data to display. You can choose to view all recent data for standard lengths of time, or to view data between two dates.

To show data from a custom time period, choose Custom. In the calendar that appears, click the starting date of your time period and click the ending date. The time period's start and end times default to the current time. To change a start or end time, click the clock next to the time you want to change and click the desired time.

Compare with a previous time period

Click the Compare button located next to the time period drop-down menu. This allows you to see both the currently selected time period, as well as a previous time period simultaneously on one chart. There are three options to choose from:

  • 60 minutes prior

  • 24 hours prior

  • 1 week prior

The previous time period is shown on the chart in pink.

View event details

Click an event to open the event details pane. The details pane includes the precise time of the event occurring. Under Event Payload, it also lists all keys and values associated with the selected event.

Click the entity to open the Entity Explorer displaying details of the selected entity.