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SolarWinds Observability GraphQL API

The SolarWinds Observability API is available as a GraphQL-style API, granting access to some DEM or database information. To interact with the API, issue a POST request to the API URL. The JSON-formatted request body must include a query field that contains a string representing the query or change (called mutations in GraphQL) that you want to make. See Queries and Mutations in GraphQL documentation.

The response to the submitted query is returned in a JSON-format, containing the requested data in a structure similar to the original query.


The API can be accessed at the URL, where xx-yy matches your organization's data center, see Data centers and endpoint URIs.

Example queries

To retrieve DEM probes, use the following GraphQL query.

query getDemProbes {
  dem {
    probes {

To send the getDemProbes query to the API server, use the following JSON-formatted POST request body. The optional operationName field is useful when instrumenting your client calls to the API.

  "operationName": "getDemProbes",
  "query": "query getDemProbes {\n  dem {\n    probes {\n      name\n      region\n      platform\n    }\n  }\n}\n"

A sample response to the getDemProbes POST request is shown below.

  "data": {
    "dem": {
      "probes": [
          "name": "Boston1",
          "region": "NA",
          "platform": "AWS"
          "name": "Los Angeles",
          "region": "NA",
          "platform": "AWS"

How to access the API

Create an API Token

A full access API token is required to access the API. You will not be able to copy your full access token later, so consider saving the copied token to a safe place. See API Tokens.

Call the API

With the API token you can call the API by making POST requests to the API URL. Pass the token in the Authorization header using the Bearer scheme.

The following example passes the sample API token ABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123ab

Authorization: Bearer ABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123ab

The following example curl request sends the getDemProbes query with the same sample API token to the API URL endpoint for an organization on the na-01 data center.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123abcABC123ab" -d '{"query": "query getDemProbes {\n  dem {\n    probes {\n      name\n      region\n      platform\n    }\n  }\n}\n"}'

View the documentation

Documentation for the API can be found by opening the API URL in your browser. The SolarWinds Observability API page includes:

  • the API schema, available in the Docs tab
  • a playground to issue sample queries

Add the API token to the page

To see the schema or issue sample queries, the full access API token created earlier must be added to the SolarWinds Observability API page.

  1. Click HTTP Headers in the lower-left corner of the page.
  2. Enter the Authorization header, replacing YourApiToken with the API token created earlier.

    {"Authorization": "Bearer YourApiToken"}

Once a valid header is entered, the SolarWinds Observability API page will load the schema and the response pane on the right will update with instructions for issuing sample queries.

Click Docs in the tabs on the right to browse or search the schema. The schema details the types available in the API.

Enter sample queries in the queries pane on the left and click the Play button to see the responses in the pane on the right.