Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Cancel a SolarWinds Observability Account

Cancel a user account

A user's access to SolarWinds Observability is managed by its membership to organizations with active SolarWinds Observability subscriptions. To be able to access SolarWinds Observability features, a user must be a member of at least one organization with an active subscription to SolarWinds Observability.

In most scenarios, there is no need to cancel a user's account since their access to the organization and its data can be revoked via user management. However, if there is a need to delete a user's account, make sure the user is not a member of another organization that has an active subscription to SolarWinds Observability and contact support.

Cancel a SolarWinds Observability product trial

Trial subscriptions do not need to be canceled. If you have not converted your subscription to a paid plan, once your trial expires, your organization's subscription will automatically be deactivated and no action is needed from you.

Cancel an organization

To stop using SolarWinds Observability and remove access to the product and data for all users of an organization, contact support.