Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Alert on a potential problem with Platform Connect

If you are also using SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability Essentials or Advanced and have set up Platform Connect, you can configure an alert that is triggered when the network-collector plugin, which sends data from Hybrid Cloud Observability to SolarWinds Observability, has a status of anything other than OK.

  1. Open the Active Alerts page (Alerts > Active Alerts) or the Alert Settings page (Alerts > Alert Settings).

  2. In the upper-right corner, click Create Alert.

    The Create Alert wizard opens.

  3. Complete the Details page:

    1. Enter a name to identify the alert and, optionally, enter a description of what the alert does.

    2. (Optional) To help users resolve issues quickly, enter a runbook URL. This URL opens a document (for example, a wiki page) that describes what actions should be taken when the alert is triggered. This link is included in the alert notification.

    3. Specify the alert severity.

    4. If you do not want the alert to be enabled immediately, click the slider to disable it. You can enable it later.

    5. Click Next to open the Conditions page.
  4. Under Condition type, click Metric condition.

  5. Under Alert on, select Metric group.

  6. Under Condition 1, define a condition that triggers the alert when the entity has stopped reporting:

    1. Under Metric, select swo.uams.plugin.healthy.

      Enter part of the metric name to filter the list.

    2. Under Included, click Add. Then select the following values:

      • Tag:

      • Operator: equal to

      • Included values: network-collector

    3. Under Trigger when metric is, select equal to. Then enter 0.

    4. Under During last, enter 2 and select minutes. As the aggregation method, select minimum.

  7. Under Group alert data for selected attribute, select

  8. Click Next to open the Notifications tab, and define one or more notifications to be sent when this alert is triggered. For more information, see Create an alert definition.

  9. On the Summary page, review the alert definition, and then click Create.