Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Kubernetes auto-discovery

Kubernetes auto-discovery provides continuous monitoring and recognition of diverse workloads within your Kubernetes cluster environment. Upon installation, auto-discovery dynamically identifies various types of workloads running within the cluster that are not yet monitored by SolarWinds Observability, such as Redis, Kafka, MySQL, Apache, and more. Such workloads are then displayed as Discovered Integrations and Discovered Databases on the cluster details page.

You can easily add the discovered integrations or databases for monitoring, simplifying the integration process. On the Kubernetes cluster details page, either click the infobox in the Integrations widget, or go to the Integrations tab. On the Integrations tab, make sure the Show discovered integration toggle is set to enabled. Click the vertical ellipsis () at the end of the integration, and click Add integration. Follow the same process to add a discovered database.