Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Troubleshoot the SWO K8s Collector

If you encounter trouble with Kubernetes data collection during or after installing the SWO K8s Collector, try the following steps:

Use error logs to identify the cause of problems

To help identify the cause of the SWO K8s Collector problems, use the kubectl logs command to retrieve the logs from the containers running in your pods and search for logs with the severity of WARN or ERROR.

Gather the logs

Run the following command to retrieve the logs for all containers running the SWO K8s Collector, replacing YourNamespace with the Kubernetes namespace where the SWO K8s Collector is deployed.

kubectl logs --all-containers -n=YourNamespace --prefix

Review the error logs to determine the cause of the issue and help identify the appropriate steps to take to resolve the issue. If the logs do not provide immediate insight into the problem or resolution, continue with the remaining troubleshooting steps.