Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Upgrade the Ruby Library

The most recent Ruby Library version and release date is   . See the Ruby Library release notes for details of the recent changes to the library.

From AppOptics or solarwinds_apm 5

All appoptics_apm versions and solarwinds_apm versions below 6 are based on proprietary code. Starting with solarwinds_apm version 6, the library is built on top of OTel.

The Ruby OTel project actively drops support for EOL and unmaintained versions of the runtime and libraries. In order to upgrade, make sure your application is running on a current version of Ruby.

From AppOptics to solarwinds_apm version 6

Uninstall appoptics_apm and run the install command from the installation steps.

From solarwinds_apm version 5 to version 6

Run the install command from the installation steps.

Other differences

Be aware of other differences between Ruby version 6 and earlier versions.


Most options in the configuration file pertaining to instrumenters are no longer supported. Use the standard OTel mechanisms for controlling instrumentation instead. SolarWinds recommends regenerating the configuration file.

The following environment variables are no longer supported:


Instrumentation SDK

Note that module names have changed and several methods are no longer supported:

  • SolarWindsAPM::SDK.solarwinds_ready? changed to SolarWindsAPM::API.solarwinds_ready?

  • SolarWindsAPM::SDK.current_trace_info.hash_for_log changed to SolarWindsAPM::API.current_trace_info.hash_for_log

  • Tracing methods such as SolarWindsAPM::SDK.trace('span_name') and SolarWindsAPM::SDK.start_trace('outer_span') were removed. Instead, use the OTel API or our convenience method SolarWindsAPM::API.in_span. (See Convenience method for in_span for details and examples.)