Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Remove a K8s cluster entity

To remove a K8s cluster entity and stop monitoring the cluster, stop collecting metrics and logs data and sending this data to SolarWinds Observability. Use the following instructions to remove the SWO K8s Collector from your cluster and stop collecting K8s data:

  1. Uninstall the Helm chart with the following command.

    • Replace <HelmReleaseName> with the name of your Helm releas. If the Helm chart was deployed using the instructions provided in the Add Data wizard, replace <HelmReleaseName> with swo-k8s-collector.

    • Replace <YourK8sNamespace> with the namespace of your Kubernetes cluster.
    helm uninstall <HelmReleaseName> --namespace <YourK8sNamespace>
  2. Drop the kubectl secret that was created during the SWO K8s Collector installation with the following command, replacing <YourK8sNamespace> with the namespace of your Kubernetes cluster.

    kubectl delete secret solarwinds-api-token -n <YourK8sNamespace>