Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Manage Network Collector and Platform Connect integrations

Review the status, hosting platform, and engine version of integrated Network Collector and Platform Connect instances.

You can temporarily stop polling data by an integrated instance or review metrics on the collector performance.

  1. Click Settings > Agent-based page to list all configured receivers.

  2. Click Network Collector or SolarWinds Platform Connect to list all integrated deployments. A list of Network Collector or integrated Hybrid Cloud Observability deployments will be displayed.

  3. Review the details for listed Network Collectors or Hybrid Cloud Observability deployments, such as integration status, name, hosting platform, or engine version.

    If the status is Unspecified, the collector or Hybrid Cloud Observability instance is offline and no metrics are displayed in the dashboard.

  4. Click the Enabled slider to toggle between enabling and disabling the integration instance.

  5. Click the integration dashboard to display the Metrics Explorer for the instance. The metrics include the average message duration, the number of messages sent, execution duration, changes and messages per worker, and details on SWIS queries (duration, queries results, or failed queries).