Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Configure Prometheus integration

To integrate Prometheus with SolarWinds Observability:

  1. In SolarWinds Observability, click Add Data at the top.

  2. In the Add Data dialog, click Integration, and then click Prometheus.

  3. In the Add Prometheus dialog, select a host with the SolarWinds Observability Agent you want to use for Prometheus and click Next.

    To only display Agents running in a Kubernetes cluster, click the List only Agents... toggle.

    If you want to install a dedicated Agent on a dedicated host, add the host and then add the Prometheus integration. See Add a self-managed host.

    If you prefer using Docker, see Run the SolarWinds Observability Agent as a Docker image or Kubernetes deployment.

  4. Select where the Prometheus service is located:

    • On Host: The Prometheus service runs on the same physical or virtual machine as the Agent.

    • Off Host: The Prometheus service runs on a different physical or virtual machine than the Agent.

  5. Review the configuration and click Deploy to deploy the changes to the agent.

    • Provide a Display Name.

    • Review the Prometheus Endpoint.

    • Review the Collection Interval.

  6. When the installation is complete, you can find the metrics you are monitoring in the Metrics Explorer, or create a custom dashboard and add widgets to display collected metrics value.

    The Prometheus integration is fully customized and collected metrics depend on what you configured on the exporter side.