Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Activity Log

The activity log is an audit log that records all user activity within the organization. Administrators can use this log to ensure that all user accounts are not breached or misused.

The activity log records the following information:

  • User name and email address

  • User role (such as administrator)

  • Date and time when the activity occurred in the organization

  • Specific activity (such as accepting an invitation or disabling a trusted device)

Display options

The activity log includes a drop-down menu where you can select all activity or your specific activity. Administrators can view all activity that occurred within the organization. Users can only view their activity.

The activity log also includes a search box you can use to search for specific activity, such as sending or receiving an invitation. This functionality cannot search for a specific date or time.

Activity storage

All user activity remains in the activity log for 30 days. Users who were invited to the organization remain in the log as a permanent record. This record includes:

  • Name of the user who sent the invitation

  • Date and time when the user created a user account in the organization

  • Date and time when the user last logged in to the organization