Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Oracle DB metrics

Many of the collected metrics from Oracle DB integration might be displayed as widgets in SolarWinds Observability custom dashboards; additional metrics may be collected and available in the Metrics Explorer.

This topic lists some of the critical metrics collected for the integration. To see the Oracle DB metrics in the Metrics Explorer, type oracledb in the search box.

Metric Units Description
oracledb.cpu_time Seconds (s)

The cumulative CPU time, in seconds.

oracledb.dml_locks.limit {locks} The maximum limit of active Data Manipulation Language (DML) locks, -1 if unlimited.
oracledb.dml_locks.usage {locks} The current count of active Data Manipulation Language (DML) locks.
oracledb.enqueue_deadlocks {deadlocks} The total number of deadlocks between table or row locks in different sessions.
oracledb.enqueue_locks.limit {locks} The maximum limit of active en queue locks, -1 if unlimited.
oracledb.enqueue_locks.usage {locks} The current count of active en queue locks.
oracledb.enqueue_resources.limit {resources} The maximum limit of active en queue resources, -1 if unlimited.
oracledb.enqueue_resources.usage {resources} The current count of active en queue resources.
oracledb.exchange_deadlocks {deadlocks} The number of times that a process detected a potential deadlock when exchanging two buffers and raised an internal, restartable error. Index scans are the only operations that perform exchanges.
oracledb.executions {executions} The total number of calls (user and recursive) that executed SQL statements.
oracledb.hard_parses {parses} The number of hard parses.
oracledb.logical_reads {reads} The number of logical reads.
oracledb.parse_calls {parses} The total number of parse calls.
oracledb.pga_memory bytes (By) The Session Program Global Area (PGA) memory.
oracledb.physical_reads {reads} The number of physical reads.
oracledb.processes.limit {processes} The maximum limit of active processes, -1 if unlimited.
oracledb.processes.usage {processes} The current count of active processes.
oracledb.sessions.limit {processes} The maximum limit of active sessions, -1 if unlimited.
oracledb.sessions.usage {processes} The count of active sessions.
oracledb.tablespace_size.limit bytes (By) The maximum size of tablespace in bytes, -1 if unlimited.
oracledb.tablespace_size.usage bytes (By) The used tablespace in bytes.
oracledb.transactions.limit {transactions} The maximum limit of active transactions, -1 if unlimited.
oracledb.transactions.usage {transactions} The current count of active transactions.
oracledb.user_commits {commits} The number of user commits. When a user commits a transaction, the redo generated that reflects the changes made to database blocks must be written to disk. Commits often represent the closest thing to a user transaction rate.
oracledb.user_rollbacks 1 The number of times users manually issue the ROLLBACK statement or an error occurs during a user's transactions