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Redis metrics

The following Redis metrics are collected when you monitor Redis using the native Otel integration method. See the Configure Redis integration topic.

Many of the collected metrics from the Redis integration are displayed as widgets in SolarWinds Observability custom and pre-built dashboards; additional metrics may be collected and available in the Metrics Explorer.

This topic lists some of the critical metrics collected for the integration. To see the Redis metrics in the Metrics Explorer, type Redis in the search box.

Metric Units Description
redis.clients.blocked   Blocked Clients, Clients. The number of clients pending on a blocking call.
redis.clients.connected   Redis Version, Clients. The number of client connections (excluding connections from replicas).
redis.clients.max_input_buffer   The biggest input buffer among current client connections .
redis.clients.max_output_buffer   The longest output list among current client connections.
redis.commands operations/s Processed Commands per Second. The number of commands processed per second.
redis.commands.processed   Total Processed Commands. The total number of commands processed by the server.
redis.connections.received   Total Connections. The total number of connections accepted by the server.
redis.connections.rejected   Total Connections. The number of connections rejected because of the maxclients limit.
redis.cpu.time seconds (s) Total CPU Time by State. The system CPU consumed by the Redis server in seconds since the server started.
redis.db.avg_ttl milliseconds (ms) The average keyspace keys TTL.
redis.db.expires   The number of keyspace keys with an expiration.
redis.db.keys   The number of keyspace keys.
redis.keys.evicted   Total Expired and Evicted Keys. The number of keys evicted due to the maxmemory limit.
redis.keys.expired   Total Expired and Evicted Keys. The total number of key expiration events.
redis.keyspace.hits   The number of successful lookup of keys in the main dictionary.
redis.keyspace.misses   The number of failed lookup of keys in the main dictionary.
redis.latest_fork microseconds (μs) The duration of the latest fork operation in microseconds.
redis.memory.fragmentation_ratio   Fragmentation Ratio. The ratio between used_memory_rss and used_memory.
redis.memory.lua bytes (By) Used Memory. The number of bytes used by the Lua engine.
redis.memory.peak bytes (By) Peak memory consumed by Redis (in bytes).
redis.memory.rss bytes (By) Used Memory. The number of bytes that Redis allocated as seen by the operating system.
redis.memory.used bytes (By) Used Memory. The total number of bytes allocated by Redis using its allocator. bytes (By) The total number of bytes read from the network. bytes (By) Total Network Traffic. The total number of bytes written to the network.
redis.rdb.changes_since_last_save   Changes Since Last Save. The number of changes since the last dump.
redis.replication.backlog_first_byte_offset   The master offset of the replication backlog buffer.
redis.replication.offset   The server's current replication offset.
redis.role   Role. The Redis node's role.
redis.slaves.connected   Clients. The number of connected replicas.
redis.uptime seconds (s) Uptime. The number of seconds since Redis server started.