Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Save and manage searches

SolarWinds Observability provides you with the ability to save the search criteria you use in searches performed in the various explorers. If you want to run the same search at another time, saving the search eliminates the need for you to remember the exact criteria you used. Your saved searches are easily accessed within the same explorer where you originally created the search.

Saved searches can be used by other members of your organization, which can improve efficiency, but can be set to private, if needed.

Save a search

When conducting a search, enter the desired search criteria in the search field and press Enter. Anything meeting the search criteria is displayed. Within the list, check the check boxes next to the items you want to compare.

To save the search, click the Saved Searches folder icon () and then click Save Search. Once saved, the name of your search is available at the bottom of the Save Searches panel.

In order to use your saved search, you must be in the same explorer you were in when you created and saved the search. Click the folder icon in the search field and then click the name of your search.

Manage searches

To view, edit, or delete existing saved searches, go to the left-hand navigation and click Settings > Saved Searches.

The Saved Searches page lists all searches you can access, which includes all the searches you saved as well as any public searches saved by other members of your organization.

The Scope column shows the explorer where the search was created, which is also where the search is available for use.