Documentation forAppOptics

Uninstall the legacy Java Agent

Follow the instruction for your platform to disable and uninstall the java agent on the host system.

Disabling the Agent

You can disable the agent by undoing the changes on the application server that enabled the agent, see the section specific to your platform and application server under enabling instructions for details. Take note of the agent installation path listed in the javaagent:<installation path>; you may need this path to uninstall the agent (see below).

Remove SDK usage

Remove from your application code all references our SDK package com.appoptics.api.ext.

SDK usage removal is not mandatory as the SDK calls will become no-op if the agent is disabled/uninstalled.

Uninstall the Agent


  1. Navigate to the agent installation path.
  2. It is recommended to keep the javaagent.json config file to retain the agent configuration in case of future re-installation. Otherwise, you can safely remove all the files and the directory.


  1. Locate "AppOptics Java Agent" in "Programs and Features" within the Control Panel.
  2. Right click to uninstall the agent.