Documentation forPatch Manager

Special roles

Use the following special roles to delegate administrative tasks in Patch Manager:

  • EminentWare Computer Group Administrators
  • WSUS Approval Delegation Administrators
  • EminentWare Security Administrators

The following table lists the functions for each special role.

Access To:  Administrators Can: Users Can:
EminentWare Computer Group Administrator

Access and manage all Patch Manager computer groups

Create, modify, or delete Patch Manager computer groups from within the Patch Manager Administrator Console
WSUS Approval Delegation Administrator Access and administer WSUS approval delegation

Enable or disable approval delegation for a WSUS target group, grant or revoke accounts' approval privileges, and modify the account update classifications

EminentWare Security Administrator

Access and administer user and credential management functions in the Patch Manager Administrator Console

Manage credentials, credential rings, and user preferences