Documentation forPatch Manager

View the available data sources

Each report category in the Administration and Reporting > Reporting node includes a defined collection of data sources and fields you can use to build reports. In most cases, you can use several data sources to build reports with all of your selected fields.

The data sources in the Windows Server Update Services Analytics and Computer (General) categories contain supersets of other data sources. As a result, you cannot combine data sources from these categories.

Perform the following steps to view the available data sources and fields in a report category.

  1. In the navigation pane, expand Administration and Reporting > Reporting.

  2. Expand a parent category.

    For example, WSUS Reports.

  3. Select a report category.

    For example, Windows Server Update Services.

  4. In the Available Datasources pane, locate and select an available data source.

    For example, Computer Group.

    The available fields are displayed in the Available Fields box.