Documentation forPatch Manager

Manage Patch Manager tasks

Patch Manager uses tasks to initiate procedures in your deployment. When you install updates on your managed computers, schedule updates, or generate an inventory, Patch Manager creates tasks to perform these procedures in your deployment.

Some actions and procedures use a wizard (such as the Task Options Wizard) to help you select the options required to complete a task. These options may include computers in your network; configuration information (such as IP addresses); and the date, time, and frequency when the task runs.

To ensure that your client systems receive timely updates, ensure that the scheduled tasks run on a specific day, week, or month. After a task is completed, Patch Manager stores a record of the task in Task History—one of two components used by SolarWinds to license Patch Manager.

After you review the scheduled tasks, verify that all Task History items only apply to computers you are actively managing in your deployment. This process ensures that you do not exceed the maximum node count for your license.