Documentation forPatch Manager

Patch Manager licensing

SolarWinds licenses Patch Manager based on all machines currently in your domain and Task History. The application consumes a node for all managed computers, which includes:

  • Managed clients
  • Patch Manager servers, including the Primary Application Server (PAS)
  • WSUS server
  • SCCM server

The PAS calculates the number of managed computers using the following sources located in the Patch Manager Administrator Console navigation menu:

  • Enterprise > Managed Computers node
  • Administration and Reporting > Task History node

You can access these nodes from the Patch Manager Administrator Console.

See Product licensing for details about license tiers and license types. After you purchase a license, you can upgrade your evaluation license to a production license.

Exceeding your license count

Your product license determines the number of computers you can manage in your deployment. If you launch Patch Manager and you have exceeded your license count based on your license tier, the following error message displays in the console.

This error may occur due to one of the following issues:

  • Patch Manager is connected to nonexistent or unmanaged computers
  • WSUS Server clean up job is not scheduled for automatic task maintenance

See License count exceeded error in Patch Manager to resolve this issue.