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Generate an inventory and create reports

Inventory tasks pull information from your WSUS servers and managed computers to display patch status in the Patch Manager Administrator Console. Schedule inventory tasks each week to keep your report data current.

When you configure your inventory tasks for the first time, Patch Manager installs SolarWinds Client Components on the managed computers during the initial connection. This WMI Provider performs the following tasks:

  • Initiates the connection between the application and each managed computer
  • Adds additional functionality to the Native Windows WMI so the application can run specific queries and obtain specific information from each managed computer

If your managed computers are running a Patch Manager agent, Patch Manager initiates the connection to each managed computer through port 4092.

Generate a WSUS server inventory before you run any task. This ensures that the WSUS routing rules for computer-to-WSUS route mapping are functional.

See Patch Manager Report Viewer and Report Builder for information about generating reports in the Patch Manager Summary dashboard.

This section covers how to: