Documentation forPatch Manager

WMI requirements

The following table lists the WMI requirements required by systems running Microsoft Windows operating systems to establish a successful WMI connection with a remote system.

Requirement Systems

Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)

File and Print Sharing

RPC Service

WMI Firewall Exception

Remote systems
Credentials with Local Administrator rights Remote systems in the credential ring
DCOM Local systems

WMI technology is based on DCOM / Remote Procedure Call (DCOM/RPC) communication. DCOM/RPC allocates the ports used by the server within a dynamic port range—typically between ports 1024 and 65536. To configure these ports using Windows Firewall on your managed computers, enable the Inbound Rules in the WMI group.

See How to configure RPC to use certain ports and how to help secure ports by using IPsec located on the Microsoft Support site for instructions on how to restrict the port range for RPC and secure those ports using IPSec.

Ports 135, 445, and dynamic ports 1024 to 65536 must be open between Patch Manager and the remote system. See Port requirements for all SolarWinds products to review all Patch Manager ports.