Documentation forPatch Manager

Application Servers node

The Application Server node interfaces with the Patch Manager Administrator Console or integrated SCCM administration consoles. This node manages all communications between the console and the Patch Manager deployment.

When you select Applications Server node in the drop-down menu, the console displays the following tabs with information about that server in the lower-center pane.

You can access the Patch Manager Servers node from the navigation menu.

  1. Log in to Patch Manager as an administrator.
  2. Expand Patch Manager System Configuration > Patch Manager Servers.

  3. In the Patch Manager Servers pane, select the WSUS server.

    In this example, WSUS01 is the WSUS server.

    The tabs display in the lower Patch Manager Servers pane.


This tab displays details about the server, such as the server name, Patch Manager server roles, and management group.


This tab displays a list of active console connections to the selected Patch Manager server.

Task Diagnostics

This tab displays details about the tasks currently running on the Automation Server role. These details also appear on the Task Diagnostics tab of the Management Servers node, which can contain details for several Application role servers.

Management and Application Server Monitoring

This tab lists the Patch Manager servers with the Management or Application Server roles. This tab displays detailed information about the status of each server. In this example, WSUS01 is the management server.

Application Server Settings

This tab displays the Patch Manager server settings that are specific to the Application Server role.

See Application Server Settings for more information about these settings.